Delicious Baked and Smoked Tofu Recipes

Baked and smoked tofu is a delicious way to enjoy a high protein snack or meal! These recipes show you how to use it in sandwiches, salads, stir fries, and more. Enjoy the savory and smoky flavor of this hearty and versatile vegan protein.

Ingredients used:

  • 1 package - Baked and smoked tofu

Recipe steps:

  • Eat it right out of the package as a protein-rich snack!
  • Make a sandwich on whole grain bread.
  • Stuff it in a pita pocket.
  • Cut into strips for stir fry dishes.
  • Chop it and throw into soups.
  • Dice it into dried bean dishes.
  • Cube it for pasta salads or dishes.
  • Toss it on top of lettuce and vegetable salads.
  • Enjoy it chopped in scrambled eggs and omelets.
  • Make a baked tofu burrito or taco.
  • Serve on bagels or crackers.
  • Perfect for shish kabobs.
  • A new twist for fajitas.
  • Grill or barbecue it.

Baked and smoked tofu is an incredibly versatile and delicious vegan protein. Try these recipes or get creative and make your own unique dishes! Enjoy the delicious flavor and texture of this savory and smoky food on its own or with a variety of sides.